Make-up for Weddings, Matric farewells, Dance and special occasions

Make-up, what a wonder it is, what a difference it can make. I often think about the world without make-up and who invented it,  genius, that is what it was. The enhancement it makes to a face, I believe every person is beautiful and make-up is only used to enhance that, the way I apply make-up is a softer and more natural way. Every make-up artist has their way and their touch that makes that difference. Again make-up is another form of art and yes we do get to hold brushes and use pallets and color. Believe it, it is fun for us make-up artists and to stand back once you are done applying the make-up and look at that face and see how lovely that is such a special moment. I still get so excited in all the hype of the hair and make-up being done and getting dressed in amazing outfits. Wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, moms outfits, dance outfits,  and any occasion outfits nothing more lovely than a lady all done up.


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